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Concept models help you understand the different kinds of information that your web site needs to display and can help build your comfort level with a project’s scope and the related domain of information. In addition to communicating ideas, design artifacts help you, the designer, work through difficult problems. Putting a structure on paper, sketching a screen layout, or summarizing user needs can all help you find new insights and new inspiration.


Planning is essential for most businesses and organizations. In practice, many people fail to plan their websites. Sometimes the ever-busy, dynamic nature of running a business is to blame; there are so many operational demands that proper time is not allotted to projects. But this often happens because people fail to recognize that planning for the Web is just as important as planning for anything else in a business.


To design an effective website we need all the information that it will include, this allows us to organize the text and graphics into the ideal pursuasive argument. We usually wireframe the homepage and a number of key interior pages that will require individual design and styling so that we’re all on the same page before we start designing and developing. This also helps us to refine the development strategy, research plugins that we might need to employ or decide on what platform best suits the project (i.e. custom development, WordPress, etc.). This process can be augmented with a number of additional steps depending on the scope of the project – things like stakeholder interviews, SEO analysis, content strategy and user experience planning – but this is the basic process we use to start any project, big or small.


The goal of any website testing is to make sure that a visitor – regardless of what system they have – has a good experience on the website. Now there are entire books written on the subject but I’m going to scale it down to three main areas. Well, let’s look at the risks of not testing. A website that has not been thoroughly tested may look fine in one browser but break apart in another. It may alienate the handicapped and the impaired. And if it functionally doesn’t work I can guarantee users will simply go elsewhere. Those are some pretty big risks and all of them can be avoided by simply testing before the website goes live.


With the site tested and ready to go, we upload it to your web server and do any required configuration, including set up of plugins and modules for content management systems, and installing Google Analytics or any other tracking software. Finally, we submit your completed website to the three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo! including an XML sitemap and a robots.txt file.


From simple content updates to more complex website enhancements we are here to help maintain your website. Rarely do you stick a website online and forget about it, or at least you shouldn’t. Your site should evolve over time to continue to serve your changing client, member or customer base, you should be keeping up with software and security updates and updating your site as new Web browsers are released. We can help with all this. We understand that your website was and is an investment into your organization and with our website maintenance services you can get the most out that investment and extend the life of your website.

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